Climate Change Hoax? Arctic Ice Is Just Shy Of Its 30 Year Average

Ice coverage in the Arctic region is currently almost back to the 1991-2020 average, well above a 2012 low point and higher than 2020


BRUSSELS: According to the latest report from the EU’s Earth observation programme Copernicus, the 2021 March sea ice area was just 3 percent below the 30 year average. March is the annual maximum coverage of sea ice in the Arctic.

The news has not changed the mainstream climate change narrative. In 2009, climate alarmist former US vice president Al Gore predicted that the North Pole would be ice free by 2013. The BBC Future Planet site in 2020 claimed that much of the ice was said to be “rapidly vanishing” and wanted to sprinkle the area with glass.

Geological records show that the Earth has often been ice free. While climate alarmists maintain that the rate of change is a concern, the historical record suggests similar rates of change have been noted before.

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