Daunte Wright Just The Latest Thug To Be Martyred By BLM Despite His Violence Against Women



One of the very first men canonized by the high priests of the church of BLM was Michael Brown. Described in media reports as a “gentle giant,” and hailed as a promising young man and valuable member of his community, Brown died while assaulting a police officer and trying to take his gun. George Floyd, whose death at the hands of police is being adjudicated as we speak, died while resisting arrest and high on a potentially lethal dose of fentanyl. His rap sheet included the home invasion armed robbery of a woman.

Another canonized (though still living) saint, Jacob Blake — a man who received ceremonial visits from Joe Biden and other Democratic dignitaries while in the hospital — allegedly broke into a woman’s house and raped her in her bedroom before stealing her debit card and vehicle. On the day of the shooting, Blake had returned to the home of his alleged victim and was attempting to take her car keys. When the police arrived, he fought them, pulled a knife, and eventually was shot.

That brings us to Daunte Wright, the latest posthumously appointed martyr for BLM. The immediate circumstances of his death are well known: He was pulled over for a traffic violation, police discovered that he had an open warrant, they tried to make the arrest, he resisted, climbed back into his vehicle, and was shot by a female officer who says that she meant to use her taser. She has been charged with manslaughter in his death.

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