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Death Shot: Project Veritas Uncovers Documents Showing Pfizer Knew COVID-19 Vaccine Increased Risk Of Myocarditis But Didn’t Care Because They Had Government Immunity

Pfizer basically told all Americans ‘too f’ing bad’

AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell

(Townhall) Young Americans are dying all over from cardiac events; at least, that’s what it feels like, but the data support it. Cardiac episodes have spiked in the 18-34 demographic, which began two years ago. I wonder what mass epidemiological event occurred that would spur such a spike in cases of young people dying suddenly. It’s not like there was some vaccine that was rushed to market, protected by a legal shield, which government entities forced down our throats.

Oh wait, that was COVID, and millions who refused to get the vaccine were threatened with termination of employment or social ostracization. Well, Project Veritas found documents from Pfizer showing that the vaccine did show that one of the side effects was increased risk of myocarditis (via Project Veritas):


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