Democrats Cheating Again? 320,000 ‘Ghost Voters’ Identified In Michigan — Lawsuit Filed To Force Democrat Secretary of State To Cleanup ‘Dirty’ Voter Rolls

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(Gateway Pundit) When it comes to voter fraud in America, Michigan leads the way.

With the Soros-backed Democrat Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson at the helm, who is arguably the dirtiest Secretary of State in the nation, Michigan could easily become the blueprint for other states on how to steal elections effectively.

While Democrats used every dirty trick in the book to prevent their opponents from watching them steal the election in 2020, the GOP and Independent poll challengers were able to identify the biggest fraud taking place in plain sight—dirty voter rolls, courtesy of MI SOS Jocelyn Benson.

Votes were being processed at the TCF Center by election workers, even though the voter’s names didn’t appear in the electronic poll books or supplemental poll books. Poll challengers had no way of knowing if they were watching votes being cast by dead or imaginary voters, as the voter rolls were so over-bloated that it was impossible for them to check for the legitimacy of the so-called 150,000 “voters” who pushed Biden to an alleged victory in the must-win state of Michigan.
Poll challengers were prevented from observing the vote count at TCF Center by pizza boxes on windows and officials locking them out of the counting area.

In September 2020, Benson revealed that 500,000 of the 7.7 million unsolicited absentee ballot applications had been returned between May and August. The far-left MI Secretary of State told the Detroit News that she would perform voter list “maintenance” after the November 3 election, citing federal law prohibiting list maintenance 90 days before an election.

One can’t help but question the timing of Jocelyn Benson’s decision to mail the absentee ballot applications in May. Was this a strategic move to exploit a loophole in federal law, preventing the removal of ineligible voters before the November election? Such actions raise serious doubts about the integrity of the election process.

In June, conservative activist and Michigan Freedom Fund director Tony Daunt filed a lawsuit to force Secretary of State Benson to clean up the voter rolls. Daunt claims that his lawsuit was why Benson was forced to remove 177,000 names from the Michigan voter rolls.

Why did Michigan’s Democrat SOS Jocelyn Benson only remove 177,000 names from her voter rolls when, in September, she reported that an estimated 500,000 of the 7.7 million unsolicited ballot applications were returned because the recipients had either died or moved?

In March, the newly appointed RNC Chair, Michael Whatley, and Co-Chair, Lara Trump, promised to fight back against voter fraud in the upcoming election—starting with a lawsuit against Jocelyn Benson that would force her to clean up her dirty voter rolls.

The Gateway Pundit recently reported that the RNC filed a lawsuit against MI SOS Jocelyn Benson on March 13, demanding that the state of MI fix its voter registration rolls. The lawsuit cites their failure to “live up” to the NVRA or National Voter Registration Act’s requirement that demands voter registration rolls must be kept clean.

Michigan’s dirty SOS, Jocelyn Benson, and Jonathan Brater, her Director of Elections, who, until recently, was the chair of ERIC, are named as defendants in the lawsuit.

MI SOS Jocelyn Benson (D) and MI Bureau of Elections Director Jonathan Brater

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