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Do You Know What Was Injected Into Your Body With The COVID Vaccine? Pathology Experts Shows Slides Of The Dangerous Substances That Are Killing People

Dr. Arne Burkhardt believes this should give people pause before saying ‘YES’ to the COVID vaccine shot


On September 20, 2021, a group of several dozen physicians and pathologists held a day-long symposium at the Institute of Pathology in Reutlingen, Germany, to try and figure out why hundreds of thousands of people have died in Europe, alone, not to mention other parts of the world, soon after getting a Covid-19 vaccine shot.

I present their data and conclusions, below. If you are considering getting a Covid vaccine, you should familiarize yourself with their findings before you roll up your sleeve. If you have already had the jab, I recommend you examine their findings in order to assess what may be in store for you.


could show you hundreds of cells that contain these non-biological foreign bodies, and it’s very surprising,” says Dr. Burkhardt. “Great stuff to see,” he adds sarcastically. “Problematic!”

I should clarify that, although Dr. Burkhardt saw hundreds of cells containing these foreign bodies, this image shows one of these foreign bodies in the vaccine fluid, not in a cell. Rephrasing this, you’re looking at a highly magnified droplet of vaccine fluid using dark-field microscopy.

This slide shows what’s called a syncytium (circled in red by CLM): a multi-nucleated giant cell formed by the fusion of multiple macrophages in response to a foreign body which is too large for individual macrophages.

The syncytium (circled in red) has managed to engulf and is trying to enzymatically digest one of these non-biological structures in lung tissue. The syncytium will not be able to digest this.

The yellow arrow is pointing at the non-biological foreign body that was injected into this individual via the vaccine.

Another non-biological object that was injected by the vaccine. As I said above, this image shows the foreign body in the vaccine fluid.

Dr. Burkhardt notes the rows of blue objects on the larger blob. He wonders if these are nano-chips of some sort.

This, too, was discovered in the vaccine.

Burkhardt suggests this may be a graphene chip carrying who-knows-what information to the protein-manufacturing apparatus in the cells.

The blue patch circled by me (CLM) shows a lymph follicle in pulmonary (lung) alveolar tissue. These lymph follicles don’t belong in alveolar tissue; they are a result of the vaccine.

Burkhardt discovered many of these lymph follicles (nodes) around pulmonary blood vessels. This is indisputable evidence of extensive alveolar damage via extreme inflammation.

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