Economic Collapse? Vaccine Mandates For US, Canadian Truckers Will Devastate Economy According To Trucking Organizations

Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden have both proven to be oblivious to the ramifications of vaccine mandates

Credit: The Post Millennial


The President of Private Motor Truck Council of Canada warns that the vaccine requirement for truckers crossing the US/Canada border has the potential to result in a devastating economic collapse.

An estimated 30,000 truckers that deliver goods and services between the US/Canada border have not yet submitted their vaccination paperwork. Beginning January 15, truckers will be required to show proof of vaccination upon entering Canada. The same mandate for truckers entering the United States from Canada goes into effect on January 22.

When the coronavirus pandemic began nearly two years ago, the Trump administration made land/border crossings essential. However, the Biden administration’s mandate issued by the Department of Homeland Security trumps the former president’s.

Mike Milliam, the President of, told Lynnwood Times that the mandate will add to the shortages we are already experiencing and will cause significant long-lasting damage.

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