Enough Is Enough: Former Biden Chief Of Staff Goes On Profanity-Laced Tirade Against The President Over His Election Strategy

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

(Red State) Joe Biden’s former Chief of Staff and one of his longest-running confidants was caught on a leaked recording ranting against the president’s current communications strategy. It represented the latest sign that Democrats are panicking over the prospect of Donald Trump emerging victorious after November’s election.

Ronald Klain, who served as Chief of Staff for both Biden’s vice presidency and presidency, was unknowingly recorded at a private event in which he launched into an obscenity-filled critique of the current president. Specifically, he claimed that Biden was too focused on mundane “accomplishments” and not on what Americans actually care about.

I hate to be the first conservative to ever say this, but Klain is correct, at least on the surface. Biden’s primary campaign strategy has been to take short flights to Mid-Western states (probably because he can’t handle extended trips) where he gives the same speech over and over to union workers as he tries to take credit for some federally-funded infrastructure project.

If you’re a working American struggling to make ends meet as costs continue to skyrocket, do you care about a bridge being opened in Pennsylvania? Are you impressed that your taxpayer dollars were spent to pay off unions who will in turn dump gobs of money into Biden’s campaign? Does any of that make your everyday life better? The answer is no, and it makes Biden look like an out-of-touch narcissist.

Still, the problem with Klain’s analysis is two-fold. For one, on any given day, Biden is so out of it that he believes he’s running for Congress.

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