Exclusive: Top Trump Intel Official Pens Book Exposing Trans Propaganda Inside The CIA

(Breitbart) Apart from its mission to protect the United States from dangerous foreign actors, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has seemingly pledged its allegiance to another cause — gender ideology.

Cliff Sims, who served as deputy director of national intelligence under former President Donald Trump, exposes in his new book, titled The Darkness Has Not Overcome: Lessons on Faith and Politics from Inside the Halls of Power, how pro-transgender propaganda lines the halls of the CIA. The book, obtained exclusively by Breitbart News, details Sims’ first time walking into the CIA after stepping into his new role.


“I walked through an obscure entrance and scanned my badge while standing inside a plastic tube that felt like something out of an eighties sci-fi flick,” he writes.

Sims continues:

The CIA’s “Diversity and Inclusion” office had many more posters “touting its various programs and initiatives and proclaiming the importance of each officer’s ‘identity’”, he added. “But as I turned the corner to walk into the CIA’s cafeteria for the first time, it became clear that the agency’s diversity focus had a political angle as well. ‘TRANS LIVES ARE HUMAN LIVES,’ the poster read.”

“Even in here, I thought to myself, considering how someone had taken time out of their day protecting the security of America from dangerous foreign actors in order to promote the latest iteration of identity politics,” Sims writes.

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