Suge Knight Warns P Diddy From His Jail Cell – ‘Your Life Is In Danger’


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Source – Suge Knight isn’t above kicking a man when he’s down, especially when the man is Diddy … because he has an ominous reaction to the federal raids on the Bad Boy mogul’s homes.

TMZ Hip Hop obtained this new commentary from Suge — we’re told it’s an outtake from his “Collect Call” podcast with Dave Mays — and the Death Row founder is clearly convinced his longtime rival is destined for a prison … just like him.

Suge says his thoughts and prayers are with Diddy’s kids … particularly Justin and King Combs, who were detained in handcuffs — but not arrested — in L.A. while feds conducted the raid.

Suge says the allegations against Diddy — made in several civil lawsuits — are ugly stains for hip hop and Black culture, and suggests he turn himself in to the authorities.

You know what they say…

These two have hated each basically since the mid 90s when one of Suge’s friends (who was beefing with Diddy) was mysteriously murdered. That escalated an already percolating East Coast VS West Coast rap war and the rest is herstory. Fast forward thirty years and one of them is in jail while the other is a billionaire. Both scumbags, but both leading very different lives. So it’s no wonder Suge is so happy about the past finally catching up to him. I would be too. Don’t get me wrong the crimes that Diddy is alleged of are horrific, but it’s still nice to see your enemies fail.

Here’s the clip…

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