Experts Say Police Officer ‘Legally Justified’ In Shooting Of Ma’Khia Bryant

Officer Likely Saved ‘One Or More Lives’


An Ohio criminal justice professor said the police shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant, while a tragedy, was a “legally justified” use of lethal force.

Bryant, 16, died Tuesday in Columbus, Ohio, after a police officer shot her to stop her from attempting to stab another girl. Bryant’s death sparked protests in Columbus as Black Lives Matter activists and others accused the officer of using unjustified force against the teen.

Bowling Green State University criminal justice professor Philip Stinson, who specializes in fatal use of force scenarios by law enforcement, said that the officer’s actions were justified because he had a “reasonable” belief that potentially fatal harm could have come to another person had he hesitated.

“My first impression is that the officer was legally justified in using deadly force,” Stinson told The Columbus Dispatch.

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