Fake Fact-Check: Facebook Attorney’s Admit That It’s Fact-Check Is Nothing But ‘Opinion’ In Attempt To Get Defamation Lawsuit Dismissed

Facebooks label of ‘misinformation’ is just a convenient way to censor information that doesn’t fit their narrative


In an interesting twist in American journalist John Stossel’s defamation suit against tech giant Facebook, the social media company’s attorneys appear to admit that the platform’s so-called “fact checks” are nothing more than “protected opinion.”

Stossel is suing Facebook, now known as Meta Platforms, Inc. and its associated “fact checker” Climate Feedback over their censorship of two of Stossel’s videos on the social media platform. Specifically, Stossel is suing over the fact that Facebook censored two of his videos a Are We Doomed and Government Fueled Fires — were censored by Facebook on the advice of Climate Feedback.


In a brief in that case, Facebook’s attorneys assert that the “fact check” labels the company uses are not fact — but opinion.



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