Father Of The Year: Hunter Biden Claims Poverty In Attempting To Lower Child Support Payments For 4-Year-Old Daughter He’s Never Met

The Biden family is a microcosm in dysfunction

New York Post

(New York Post) Hunter Biden is trying to get his child support payments for his 4-year-old love child lowered by claiming a substantial change to his “financial circumstances,” according to court documents.

President Biden’s son, 52, has asked an Arkansas judge to recalculate the child support payments he makes to Lunden Roberts, 31 — the mother of the daughter he’s never met, according to a Monday court filing obtained by the Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette.

Hunter cited “a substantial material change” in his “financial circumstances, including but not limited to his income” for the reason behind his request.

It wasn’t immediately clear what the change in Hunter’s income was.

Brent Langdon, his Texas-based attorney who signed the motion, said reforms to the child support guidelines in Arkansas in 2020 were behind Hunter’s push to review his payments.

“Like many other individuals whose child support obligations were calculated before the new guidelines took effect, Mr. Biden has asked the court to review the existing child support determination and to establish an amount of child support that complies with the current guidelines and circumstances,” Langdon said in a statement.

Biden has a 4-year-old child with Lunden Roberts.Hunter Biden asked a judge to lower his child support payments.

Hunter’s motion was filed in Independence County, which is where Roberts — a former stripper — lives with their daughter, Navy Joan.

Roberts’ attorney, Clint Lancaster, was quick to express doubt over Hunter’s monetary status — and vowed to look into his financial records.

“Ultimately, this is going to require us to look deeply, more deeply, into Hunter’s finances,” Lancaster said. “I’m going to want to have a deposition with Mr. Biden. Like last time, I’m going to bring my forensic accountant to the deposition, unless the judge tells me I can’t.”

Navy John, Biden's child, is now 4 years old. Biden has reportedly never met his 4-year-old love child.Facebook / Lunden Roberts

He added: “Unless he’s going to pay me to fly to California to take his deposition, he’s going to have to come to Arkansas.”

Hunter’s claim of financial woes comes after he published a tell-all memoir in April last year that detailed his drug and sex-fueled past.

The first son also started selling his own paintings — and unloaded at least five of them for $75,000 a pop before they were shown at a New York City gallery.

Still, this isn’t the first time Hunter has portrayed himself as cash-strapped in his child support battle with Roberts.

After Roberts filed a paternity suit in 2019, Hunter argued in an affidavit that he couldn’t make child support payments because he was broke, insisting that he was in “significant debt” from his divorce with ex-wife Kathleen, who he shares three children with.

“I attest that I am unemployed and have had no monthly income since May 2019,” Hunter wrote.

Hunter, who initially denied ever having sex with Roberts, later settled out of court after a DNA test confirmed the little girl was his.

A DNA test showed that the little girl is Biden's. Biden previously contested the paternity of his child.Independence County Court
He recently sold his paintings for $75,000 each. Biden claimed that he had not had a paycheck in years.Independence County Court


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