FCC Blasts Baltimore City Attorney For Complaint To Censor News Station For Reporting On Her Activities

Baltimore City Attorney Marilyn Mosby doesn’t like negative coverage of herself, so she wants the news ‘censored’

Marilyn Mosby - Credit: Larry French/Getty Images for BET Networks


Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Commissioner Brendan Carr ripped into the Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office for attempting to use federal force to punish a local news outlet.

The Baltimore State’s Attorney’s Office, led by Marilyn Mosby, filed a complaint with the FCC last week accusing WBFF Fox 45, a local affiliate of Fox News, of endangering the lives of Mosby and her family with “racist” news coverage.

Carr responded to the complaint on Monday saying the FCC should dismiss it immediately. Carr also said that Mosby’s complaint is part of a “troubling surge” in Democratic attempts to censor free speech and news coverage.

Carr’s full statement said:

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