First Lawsuit Filed In U.S. Against Mandated Vaccine By Employers


Despite the myriad of questionable deaths and illness following the administration of the COVID-19 vaccines, there are still multiple political groups, corporations, and others who are pushing to make the jab mandatory. Now, at least one person is taking action to prevent it.

This month, a corrections officer filed a lawsuit against his workplace for requiring him to receive the vaccine in order to keep his job. Isaac Legaretta, sued a county manager and his supervisor earlier this month, Bloomberg Law reported, because they are requiring him to take the vaccine against his will.

“You can’t be forced to be a human guinea pig when a product is experimental,” said N. Ana Garner, an attorney for the suing Isaac Legaretta, who filed his complaint in U.S. District Court District of New Mexico Sunday. “We have the right to bodily integrity,” she told Bloomberg.

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