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FOIA Request Reveals CDC, FDA Collusion, Agencies Knew That The ‘Vaccinated’ Were Filling Up ICU’s Yet Still Approved Untested Booster Shots


(NewsTarget) In August of 2021, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) pressured regulators at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to approve the first covid booster shot for Pfizer and Moderna WITHOUT clinical trials. The coercion took place even though the CDC was fully aware that “fully vaccinated” patients were filling up the ICUs.

According to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request filed by Judicial Watch, the government’s internal emails show blatant collusion, coercion, and medical fraud occurring between the federal agencies. The emails show that there was a complete disregard for vaccine safety and efficacy at the highest levels of government. The agencies also admitted yet ignored evidence that the “fully vaccinated” were filling up ICUs.


CDC pressured the FDA to authorize emergency use vaccines that they knew were damaging the population

While the emails are mostly redacted, there is enough written correspondence to show that CDC officials wanted to force out vaccines on the population, without any clinical trials and even while the data showed that the vaccines weren’t working as initially propagated.

In a conference call with other members of the FDA, Dr. Phil Krause, a top FDA official, described a conversation he previously had with CDC officials. “Take a deep breath before reading this next paragraph. On that call, the CDC evidently stated that they will assemble all the data they are aware of on third dosing in this setting and send it to us in the hope that we will (very soon) authorize the third dose for immunocompromised as part of the EUA,” Krause wrote in the Aug. 5, 2021, email.

At that time, all the covid-19 vaccines were authorized under the FDA’s emergency use authorization (EUA). At the time, there was tremendous political pressure to submit the entire population to the experimental vaccines as a precondition to opening up states, schools, and industry. Dr. Krause wrote in an email, “But it doesn’t sound like they [CDC] actually want to do a study. They just want to vaccinate these people—if I am reading this correctly.

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, a professor of medicine at Stanford University wrote on Twitter that the emails do show “the CDC wanted the booster approved without a trial.”

Corruption at the CDC and FDA leads to historic vaccine fraud, medical error and wrongful death

jay b wrote to the FDA, pushing for boosters because Israel had done it and Pfizer recommends more dosing. “Pfizer recommends it and I trust their guidance over the turmoil at our federal agencies. With millions of doses of vaccine set to expire, you should do what you think is best for your patients,” Dr. Nathan wrote. “I can’t believe you would get pushback from anyone,” he said to Doran Fink, who works for the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research. “Keep in mind, nearly everyone in this group is six to seven months out from the second dose of the vaccine and many have significant daily exposure to the virus.” Dr. Nathan pressured.

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