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Forbes Deletes Article On Psychological Damage Of Masking Children After It Goes Viral On Twitter

After a tweet sharing a link to the story went viral, the magazine removed the online piece written by a schoolteacher


After a Twitter user shared a Forbes story on the psychological damage done to children by forcing them to wear masks at school, the magazine deleted the article after the tweet went viral.

“Friends, please read this article by [Zak Ringelstein on Forbes], I’m just speechless that someone finally understands that masks on children are not benign,” the Twitter user’s post read 

The tweet had been shared more than 500 times in an hour before Forbes deleted the article.  

The deleted article written by Ringelstein, a teacher and Ph.D. candidate at Columbia University, opened by saying, “I have spent my career as an educator fighting standardized testing and the havoc it has wreaked on the mental health and well-being of American schoolchildren.” 

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