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Former FDA Boss: Social Distancing Six Foot Rule Was A Bunch Of Bullsh*t

Scott Gottlieb - Credit: News Punch


Scott Gottlieb, the former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), has testified that the six foot social distancing rule was actually “arbitary in and of itself” and has admitted that “nobody in government knows where it came from.”

In other words, our leaders knew the rules were a bunch of bullsh*t, but imposed them on us anyway.

During an interview on Face the Nation on Monday, Gottlieb discussed the rules and risks early in the pandemic, explaining that the Trump administration shifted its focus on the devestating impact lockdowns and rules would have on the economy and children.

“My view is that they were sold on the idea that you weren’t going to be able to really affect the spread and that anything you did was just going to have so many repercussions in terms of impact on children who might not be in school. Impact on the economy, that the costs were worse than the disease,” he told host Margaret Brennan, explaining that schools were a “perfect example of the lack of effective policymaking.”

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