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Former NFL Great Herschel Walker Says Corporations Need To Stop Complaining, Help Minorities Obtain Photo ID’s

“My grandfather today, if he was alive, would be 117 years old. He had a driver’s license,” said Georgia native Walker about state’s new voting laws



Football legend Herschel Walker says large corporations and activists who oppose the new Georgia election law should help minorities obtain photo IDs for voting instead of “complaining” about the issue “time in and time out.”

Major League Baseball moved its annual All Star game from Georgia in response to the new law, which in part requires a photo ID to obtain an absentee ballot.

“My grandfather today, if he was alive, would be 117 years old. He had a drivers license,” Walker said Wednesday evening in a virtual discussion organized by Delaware’s Wilmington Public Library. “We’re in modern time today, and people don’t have an ID. And then I say, you know, what’s so strange about it is I have all these companies that are coming out, putting it down, ‘they don’t have ID. People don’t have an ID.’ ”

Companies such as American Airlines came out in opposition to the Georgia voting law. Walker questioned why opponents of the law aren’t helping African Americans and others obtain photo IDs.

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