ICE Confirms Illegal Migrant Accused Of Killing University Of Georgia College Student Was Previously Arrested In NYC

Clarke County Sheriff's Office

(Townhall) The Venezuelan illegal migrant accused of killing the 22 year-old Georgia student while she was running, was previously arrested in New York City before being let back out on the streets.

On Sunday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) confirmed that 26 year-old Antonio Ibarra had been taken into custody by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) on September 8, 2022 after illegally crossing into the U.S. near the El Paso, Texas border. He was “paroled and released for further processing.”


Earlier this week, Ibarra was charged in connection to the murder of Laken Riley on the campus of Georgia University. Her roommate reported her missing after she did not return from a run. Hours later, police found her body. 

In September 2023, ICE noted that the illegal migrant was arrested by New York City police officers and “charged with acting in a manner to injure a child less than 17 and a motor vehicle license violation.”

Fox News Digital has more details as follows: 

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