IKEA Serves Up Watermelon And Fried Chicken At Juneteenth Celebration, 20 Employees Walk Off Job

The ‘special menu’ was actually created with the input of black employees

Credit: © Pexels / Karolina


A group of around 20 IKEA employees in Atlanta walked off the job last weekend after the company served fried chicken and watermelon – two racially stereotypical foods for African-Americans – on Juneteenth.

Fried chicken and watermelon were the two items at the top of the “special menu” designed to “honor the perseverance of Black Americans and acknowledge the progress yet to be made,” which reportedly was sent out to IKEA employees via email after President Joe Biden signed a bill making Juneteenth – which commemorates the end of slavery in the United States – a federal holiday.

IKEA confirmed in a statement to the Independent on Wednesday that roughly 20 employees walked out in protest at the lunch, but insisted that black staff had helped organize the menu, which “was created with the best of intentions” and included “recommendations from black co-workers.”

“We got it wrong and we sincerely apologize,” a company spokesperson declared.

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