Inmates Running The Asylum: Biden HHS Report That Confirmed Homosexuals Suffer A High Rate Of Serious Mental Illness And Drug Abuse Mysteriously Disappears From Government Website

The inmates pressuring the Biden administration are the LGBTQ activists, many of whom are mentally ill


(LifeSite) The Biden administration has released a report acknowledging a substantial correlation between homosexuality/bisexuality and severe mental health issues, in a major conflict with the administration’s comprehensive efforts to affirm LGBT “identity.”

On June 13, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services’s (HHS’s) Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) released survey results “indicating that lesbian, gay, and bisexual adults are more likely than straight adults to use substances, experience mental health conditions including major depressive episodes, and experience serious thoughts of suicide,” according to an agency press release.


Specifically the report finds that, in the past year, lesbian and bisexual females are were more likely than straight women to engage in “heavy” or “binge” drinking, homosexual and bisexual individuals were 2-3 times more likely to partake in illicit drugs beyond marijuana, that a third of gay and bisexual males and a third of bisexual females had a substance abuse disorder, bisexual females were three times more likely than straight women to have had an opioid use problem, that “serious mental illness” was more than three times higher for bisexual males and two times higher for homosexual males than straight males, that over a quarter of bisexual females and one in seven lesbians suffered a “major depressive episode” (with with gay and bisexual males 2-3 times more likely to experience one), and bisexual females six times more likely to have attempted suicide.

Data on individuals suffering from gender dysphoria was not included in the survey, although it will be starting next year.

Notably, as of June 21, the direct link to the actual report redirects to a “Page not found” message, although a copy of the report was saved via the Internet Archive, which indicates it was accessible as recently as June 18.

The press release quotes HHS Assistant Secretary for Mental Health & Substance Use and SAMHSA administrator Miriam Delphin-Rittmon as suggesting this litany of ills is due to “stress caused by stigma, discrimination and harassment” of homosexual and bisexual Americans. The report itself admits it cannot “explain the reasons” for them, but suggests “invisibility and erasure” of LGBT individuals are the culprits.

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