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Kari Lake Trial Reveals 42.5% Of Ballots Cast In Maricopa County Arizona Were ‘Invalid,’ Vote Tabulators Unable To Read Them

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(PM.) Ballots reviewed in Wednesday’s examination of ballots cast in Maricopa county for November’s gubernatorial elections were not valid, according to Republican CandidateKari Lake‘s legal team. A tweet from the Lake War Room said that 48 of 113 ballots reviewed during the examination were “19-inch ballots produced on 20-inch paper,”

“This one-inch discrepancy cause chaos on Election day. Causing the mass rejection of these votes as they were attempted to be read through the tabulators,” the Kari Lake War Room wrote on Wednesday, as the former broadcaster’s legal team seeks to prove that election tampering took place, leading to the victory of her opponent Katie Hobbs.


“That is 42.5% illegal ballots in their random samples. This election was completely illegitimate,” the Lake War Room quote-tweeted. The defense is arguing that even if what Lake’s team is claiming were true, the ballots would be tabulated later on and the votes would still be counted.


In another tweet, they wrote, “This Is how they disenfranchised Maricopa County voters on Election Day. The ballots were designed to be unable to be read through the machines. This wasn’t an error. It was malice. The process worked exactly as they intended it to.”

The race between Hobbs and Lake was decided by less than 18,000 votes, with the Democratic candidate winning 1,287,891 votes to Lake’s 1,270,774. The counts put forward by Lake’s team contest her loss. Most counts were thrown out by Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson, with 8 being tossed while two counts were allowed to proceed. Those counts deal with alleged intentional misconduct.

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