Bombshell Testimony: Kari Lake Trial Reveals Major Voting Problems, Potential Fraud In Maricopa County – Just How Involved Was Her Opponent Katie Hobbs?

AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin

(PJ Media) Kari Lake is certainly waging a thorough assault on the poorly conducted elections in Maricopa County, Ariz.

On the first day of the trial, Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer testified that individual polling places did not tally the number of votes cast, an apparent violation of state law that is highly suspicious considering that in the days after Election Day, the number of votes the county reported having counted mysteriously increased by nearly 25,000, a number greater than Katie Hobbs’ alleged 17,000-vote victory.


But that may not be the biggest bombshell from the trial’s first day.

As PJ Media previously reported, Kari Lake’s legal team was granted the opportunity to inspect ballots prior to trial, and based on their review of a random selection of ballots, “48 of 113 ballots reviewed … were 19-inch ballots produced on 20-inch paper.”

According to Kari Lake’s team, this one-inch discrepancy caused “the mass rejection of these votes as they were attempted to be read through the tabulators.”

An expert confirmed this.

According to testimony, Maricopa County does not use 20-inch ballots, yet for some reason, 19-inch ballot images were printed on 20-inch paper throughout Maricopa County.

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