Knee Deep: Jury In Michigan Gov. Whitmer Kidnapping Trial Told That FBI Orchestrated Scheme, Fed Drugs To Defendants

The FBI has become an untrusted, corrupt organization


In October 2020, 14 arrests were made due to an alleged shocking plot to kidnap the sitting governor of one of the country’s most populous states.

As more details were revealed, it became clear the FBI was involved in not only arresting the suspects in an alleged plan to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, but also in helping to plot to take form in the first place.

At the opening of the trial last week for four of the men charged, defense attorneys made a stunning claim: Not only did the FBI entrap the accused, but an FBI informant plied the suspects with drugs.

As most of America probably remembers, the men arrested in the plot were said to be hostile to Whitmer due to her extreme COVID-19 lockdown policies.

At the time of the men’s arrests in October 2020, NPR reported that the suspects were paramilitary members who intended to not only kidnap but possibly kill Whitmer.

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