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Latest Study Show Almost Every Vaccinated Individual Is Getting Heart Damage From COVID-19 Vaccines

They just aren’t letting you know that. In Canada, the medical community is very smart about this: they don’t let doctors measure troponin levels before you are vaccinated so nobody is the wiser

(Steve Kirsch)

Executive summary

A new study shows that nearly everyone getting the mRNA COVID vaccines are experiencing some amount of heart damage.


Watch this episode from Vinay Prasad before YouTube censors it.

You only need to look at 6:21 into the video:


A new study out of Switzerland shows that vaccinated people have uniformly higher troponin levels than their unvaccinated peers.

In the graph shown at 6:21, we see that the 777 people who got the booster in this study have uniformly higher troponin levels than their matched unvaccinated peers. That is not supposed to happen. If the vaccines are safe, the troponin levels should be nearly identical between vaccinated and unvaccinated groups.

Here are Professor Prasad’s exact words:





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