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Medical Experts In Denial As Evidence Suggests Repeated Vaccinations Are Leading To Increased Risks Of Infections, Fueling New COVID Variants

For those that don’t rely on their news from the mainstream media, conservative outlets like FYI reported on this likelihood more than a year ago

Not The Bee


Dr. Christina Parks testified about this very phenomena with FLU/COVID vaccines in August 2021 in front of the Michigan House of Representatives.


(Not The Bee) Well, this is kind of, um, unexpected for a mainstream American newspaper:




I’m gonna need to put on my trusty ol’ spectacles for this one:

Here’s the basic, simple gist of it: The vaccines as originally rolled out were meant to target one specific variant of COVID-19. But “when new and markedly different strains come along, the immune system responds less effectively:”


Got that? Not only can XBB evade the vaccines, it can evade antibodies from the infections people got from earlier breakthrough infections. It’s an apparent cascading failure of vaccination.

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