Menace To Society: Jordan Neely Was On New York City’s ‘Top 50’ List Of At-Risk Homeless People For His Criminal Behavior

Neely died after being put in a chokehold by Daniel Penny who was protecting subway passengers from his violent threats

(Breitbart Jordan Neely, the mentally ill New York City man who died while having an erratic outburst, was on the city’s “top 50” list of at-risk homeless people who stood out for the severity of their troubles and resistance to help, the New York Times reported.

New York City’s Coordinated Behavioral Health Task Force monitors the city’s “most entrenched and chronic patients,” and keeps lists of those who reside on the streets and those who cause trouble in the subways.


The task force is formed of workers from New York City’s government and representatives of the nonprofit groups the city contracts with to try to address the homeless crisis.

Neely was on the task force’s “top 50” subway list and had several encounters with law enforcement and homeless-outreach workers in recent months, the Times reported.

For example, Neely was jailed in February after he assaulted a 67-year-old and broke several bones in her face. Ultimately, Neely was released under a plea deal that required him to avoid trouble for 15 months, take antipsychotic medication, not abuse drugs, and stay in a residential treatment program.

However, two weeks after his enrollment in the program, Neely “walked out of the facility and did not return,” resulting in an arrest warrant being issued.

In March, outreach workers at a Manhattan subway station contacted Neely, who was “neatly dressed and calm,” and provided him with a ride to a shelter in the Bronx, where he spent the night.

However, outreach workers on April 8 discovered him in a Coney Island subway station “wearing dirty clothes riddled with burn holes,” He also “exposed himself and urinated inside a subway car,” the Times reported.

According to the outlet:


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