More Lies: Biden Swore He Never Met His Son’s Business Partners But Hunter’s Calendar Tells A Different Story

Biden should be in jail for helping his son peddle his influence for financial gain


(WND) The personal calendar on the infamous abandoned laptop indicates Hunter Biden and his business partners met at the White House or the vice president’s residence with Joe Biden dozens of times, often immediately upon returning from business trips.

While Joe Biden continues to insist he never discussed his son’s business with him, the timing of the meetings and the people who participated suggest the president had an interest in the details of those deals.


Eric Schwerin, the president of Hunter Biden’s investment company Rosemont Seneca Partners, is named as a calendar invite recipient on 21 of 30 listed meetings, the New York Post reports.

The paper noted Schwerin had access to Joe Biden’s personal financial information.

Among the many significant entries, the calendar shows that four days after Hunter Biden met with billionaire oligarchs in Moscow Feb. 15-18, 2012, he met with Vice President Biden at the Naval Observatory.

A March 2, 2012, entry notes a meeting with Joe Biden and former Colombia President Andrés Pastrana Arango, whose business Hunter had been courting for months, according to emails.

In one email to Hunter, Schwerin mentioned numerous lucrative projects in Colombia, including two wastewater treatment plant projects valued at $380 million and $350 million, a $1.8 billion hydroelectric power plant, and a $3 billion upgrade to the Bogota subway system.

“If it works,” Schwerin wrote, “we’ll all be rich.”

A formal contract was signed a month later.


Persistant denial

arlier this month, despite voicemail evidence that Joe Biden spoke with his son Hunter about the international business ventures, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said the president maintains his stance that he had no such conversations.

Fox News White House Correspondent Peter Doocy posed the question to Jean-Pierre, referencing the reportof a voicemail from Hunter Biden’s laptop in which Joe Biden talks about a New York Times story on Hunter’s dealings with a Chinese energy firm controlled by the Communist Party.

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