Mounting Evidence Shows Biden Used Burner Email Address To Discuss Business Dealings With Son Hunter

Joe’s burner accounts are subject to scrutiny because evidence suggests he used them to advance his family’s foreign influence-peddling schemes


(The Federalist) President Joe Biden used one of his earliest email aliases to discuss official White House business with his son and may have used it to covertly advance the Biden family business.

Biden previously issued repeated denials of ever discussing business with his son, but mounting evidence shows he met and spoke with Hunter’s foreign business partners numerous times, and also corresponded with Hunter via pseudonyms. The Biden White House has refused to explain why Joe used non-government emails to clue Hunter Biden in on official vice president business.


One email alias of Biden’s that hasn’t received much attention is his “champ4” burner address. The correspondence associated with that was discovered on Hunter’s laptop shows the then-vice president updating his son on activity at the Obama White House, and at one point, Joe appears to rely on Hunter’s direction to make a public appearance and promote one of his VP policy topics.

A March 15 email shows Hunter, using his Rosemont Seneca Partners investment firm email, urging “Dad” to show up and show out at the women’s college basketball tournament.

“You and Mom should” the subject line begins. The email’s body copy suggests “Go to NCAA Final Four WOMEN’S Championship in San Antonio- with Maisy.”

Hunter claimed the outing would “be great press” and give Biden a chance to tout some of the Obama administration’s recent agenda items including “Title 8 etc.”

Good idea let’s talk,” the patriarch replied. Sure enough, Joe and Jill Biden attended the game on April 6.

In a subsequent March 18, 2010 email to Hunter, Joe detailed part of his day in the Obama White House with “Finn,” presumably Hunter’s daughter Finnegan.

“She has had one hell of a run. Rode in Pres limo with POTUS Am b Roney. Met at Cap steps by Speaker introduced referenced and complimeted by all speakers including the Irish PM in front of House and Senate leadership She did not ‘bat an eye,’” the correspondence states.

The note is signed “Love Dad” and affixed with an automated message specifying “Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T.”


On May 7, 2010, Biden received a picture of “Baby Morgan” with the attachment title “buddha babe” in an email announcing the birth of Jill Biden’s press secretary Courtney O’Donnell’s baby boy “Maximus,” also at his “champ4” account.

Months later, when Hunter’s cousin Missy Owens attempted to send a photo to Joe’s “champ4” address on Oct. 5, 2010, she reached out to Hunter after the image “bounced back.”

“Can you send his email pls,” Owens asked Hunter.

“Thanks. You here this weekend?” she followed up after he responded.


No further correspondence from the “champ4” address was recorded on Hunter’s laptop beyond that date.

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz discussed the “champ4” alias on the Nov. 3 episode of his podcast “Verdict with Ted Cruz.”



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