Multiple Survey’s Show Republicans Are Emerging As Party Of Youth As Gen Z Turns Away From Democrats ‘Wokeism’

Despite control of institutions, the left is not pulling Gen Z toward wokeism



Notice the Democrats have stopped claiming that Republicans are the party of old white people? Demographics are changing. Their efforts to stigmatize senior citizens for their age and claim that they aren’t relevant anymore is no longer working. The so-called party of diversity elected an old white man who many believe is losing it cognitively, including the former White House doctor for Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

Viewership of the traditional MSM evening news on CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS leans elderly. Meanwhile, there has been an explosion of conservative youth. Despite the left’s domination of education, the media, entertainment, business and the legal system, they aren’t making traction with young people.

Business Insider recently surveyed 1,500 young people from Gen Z, known as Zoomers, and found they were about evenly split between Republicans and Democrats. Sadly, all the news in the MSM blares that Gen Z is very liberal, and most of the major polling companies like Pew lean to the left, so the real numbers aren’t getting out.

Pew deliberately changes the narrative by doing things like breaking up polls into “white evangelicals” vs. “non-white evangelicals,” in order to cause division and never actually produce real data about what groups like evangelicals think.

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