Naval Chief Michael Gilday Puts ‘Racist Book’ On Recommended Reading List, Yet Dodges Questions On His Reasons Why

Adm. Michael Gilday - Screenshot


Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Michael Gilday on Tuesday defended putting Ibram X. Kendi’s book How to Be an Anti-Racist on the Navy’s list of books every United States sailor should read, under grilling from Republican Study Committee Chairman Jim Banks (R-IN) at a House hearing.

Banks, a U.S. Navy reservist, began by asking Gilday if he agreed with Kendi’s past statements and views in his book that Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett is a “white colonizer” because she adopted two children from Haiti, and that capitalism is essentially racist.

Gilday responded, “Here’s what I know, Congressman. There’s racism in the United States Navy.”

Banks cut off Gilday, “It’s a yes or no question, Admiral. Admiral, you recommended that every sailor in the United States Navy read this book.”

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