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New Screenshot Show DeSantis Campaign Behind Viral Social Media Ads Attacking Trump For ‘Supporting’ LGBTQ Rights

The videos emerged from a Signal channel called “War Room Creative Ideas.”

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(PM.) Senior Ron DeSantis campaign aides reportedly oversaw an operation to send meme campaign videos produced by staff members to anonymous Twitter accounts allied with the Florida governor’s presidential campaign, a new report from Semafor has revealed.

The videos, which include an anti-Trump one featuring the Sonnenrad, a symbol associated with Nazi Germany, and another attacking Trump for previous comments supportive of LGBTQ rights, emerged from a Signal channel called “War Room Creative Ideas.” Screenshots of the channel were shared with the outlet and their authenticity confirmed by a second source familiar with the campaign.


One screenshot showed staffers praising the since-deleted video that displayed the Sonnenrad that was widely criticized, which featured a character looking on in dismay at Trump policies, and becoming overjoyed when DeSantis appears in a door, all playing out while Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill plays in the background.


“This belongs in the Smithsonian,” wrote former campaign director of research and data Kyle Lamb, who was one of 38 staffers laid off in recent weeks during a campaign reset.

Photo Credit: Semafor

The messages viewed by Semafor also showed staff members actively sharing images that should be put in the video during the editing process, though the Sonnenrad symbol was not shared by the staffers.

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