No Plan Of Action: An Inside Look At Biden’s Afghanistan Debacle And Those He Left Behind

More than 100,000 Afghan allies weren’t evacuated. So why did planes leave with empty seats?

Credit: Fox News


Airplanes repeatedly left Kabul with empty seats during the evacuation, yet more than 100 Americans and likely well over 100,000 Afghan allies were ultimately stranded in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, American officials stopped many prescreened Afghans with credible documents, including some U.S. residents, from boarding aircraft, while others that hadn’t been vetted were allowed through, international aid experts told Fox News.

“Mistakes were being made by good-meaning people, but operating under very tough circumstances,” John Sifton, the Asia Advocacy Director for Human Rights Watch, told Fox News.

The Kabul airport was flooded with people trying to flee the nation, causing intense chaos that led to U.S. officials making mistakes when reviewing documents, international aid experts told Fox News.

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