How To Not Overpay For A Car In This Tight Automotive Market


If you’ve driven by a car dealership lately, you’ve seen it with your own eyes: There just aren’t many cars available right now. Continuing effects from the COVID-19 pandemic are pummeling automakers with parts shortages and other production disruptions.

As auto plant shutdowns drag on, the number of cars on dealer lots continues to dwindle. At the same time, demand for new cars continues to surge. More shoppers chasing fewer new cars means one thing: Skyrocketing prices for new vehicles. Prices of used cars have risen substantially in turn, as many new car buyers have turned to the pre-owned vehicle market.

Given the record-high prices in the marketplace, how can you still get a good car at a reasonable price? It’s not easy, but with the proper preparation – along with a healthy dose of patience and willingness to compromise – you can still find vehicles that won’t break the bank.

We have some tips to help you navigate today’s challenging new car market that won’t have you paying a premium or getting in over your head.

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