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Parents Alert!! ‘Gay Club’ Of Teachers Working Behind The Scenes To Groom, Indoctrinate Your Children

The LGBTQ movement is a cult seeking to brainwash and indoctrinate young children



The groomer teachers just will not stop trying to indoctrinate your kids into the rainbow cult behind your back. It’s amazing to me that they object to the term “groomer” and then actively plot to have secrets with children about sexuality. It is the definition of “grooming.” Christina Buttons, who calls herself a “reformed SJW,” has footage of a leaked Zoom call between teachers that was organized by This website purports to be “created by teachers for teachers” and “dedicated to equipping educators with the tools they need to foster safe, welcoming gender-inclusive classrooms.”

One of the things that the Gender Woo-Woo cult likes to do is create Gay/Straight Alliance clubs in school that sound like support groups but are actually Gender Woo-Woo indoctrination clubs. This is where kids will be told that girls can be boys, pronouns like “fish-self” are valid identities, and genital mutilation surgery and drugs are the answer to gender dysphoria. And they know they’re being deceptive because they say it outright. In the following clip, the website’s co-founder Kieren Slattery says, “Something I do say to students and caregivers, though I mostly say it to students … I don’t ever tell anyone else who came [to gay club], so I would never tell their adults or other students in the school or even other teachers.”

“Kieren’s” voice, which I first thought was augmented or sped up, is the dead giveaway. Though Kieren goes by “he/him” according to “he/his” bio, I’m reasonably certain he/him is a she/her. Because of that, I won’t be calling he/him by preferred pronouns. Especially when Kieren’s goal is to teach other teachers how to hide important information about children from their parents. Fight me.

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