Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla Labels Vaccine Injuries As ‘Nothing,’ Describes Vaccine Skeptics As ‘Criminals’

The Pfizer CEO has more blood on his hands than almost anyone in the world


Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla described people who question his company’s experimental vaccine as “criminals” during an interview earlier this week. The Pfizer CEO recently lobbied the FDA to approve a fifth shot in the fall, which is expected to be approved.

An interviewer first drew attention to the “challenges” being faced by big tech companies in combatting “vaccine information” during a sit-down with Bourla. “Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe I’ve heard you talk about those who would deliberately peddle misinformation as ‘criminals.’ Is that something that you stand by?” Bourla was asked.

“Yes, I do,” replied the Pfizer CEO. “Because they are literally [costing] lives. They know what they are saying is a lie, but they do it despite that.” Bourla then referenced a vaccine injury story and characterized all vaccine injuries as “lies.”

“They did it why? Because they wanted to convince people on the fence, to do the vaccine or not, ‘don’t do it, look his wife died’”, the Pfizer CEO continued. “But forget that, that’s nothing compared to how many people didn’t do the vaccine and died because of that. So they are criminals.”

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