Pfizer Whistleblower Leaks Copy Of Company Email Offering Employees A ‘Separate and Distinct’ COVID-19 Vaccine

Pfizer likely knew the Covid-19 vaccine given the public was dangerous

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(InfoWars) A Pfizer whistleblower has raised the alarm that Pfizer workers were offered a “separate and distinct” COVID-19 vaccine and were told their jab would “not impact supply to national governments in any way.”

A leaked email from January 2021, provided exclusively to Infowars, explained to colleagues and contractors at Pfizer’s Pearl River research site that site-essential workers would be offered COVID-19 vaccinations that are “separate and distinct” from the doses Pfizer committed to governments worldwide.

“I am pleased to inform you that we will begin offering COVID-19 vaccinations to eligible on-site essential colleagues and contractors over the next several weeks,” reads the leaked Email. “Eligible on-site essential contractors will be notified, either by e-mail or by their Pfizer sponsor, and will receive instructions for registering for an on-site appointment as well.”

“The vaccine doses to be used for this program are separate and distinct from those committed by Pfizer to governments around the world and will not impact supply to national governments in any way.”

Email Transcript (emphasis added):

“I know we employees at Pfizer were receiving different vaccines and/or placebos and this was the word around my site when I worked there,” said the whistleblower to Infowars.

Pfizer’s Pearl River research site is located in Rockland County, New York and is one of Pfizer’s nine major R&D sites, according to its website.

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