Robotic Student Body? Brandeis University Releases ‘Oppressive Language List’, So Student’s Don’t Call A Spade A Spade

The liberal thought police were hard at work coming up with this ‘oppressive’ list

Credit: Campus Reform


The Prevention, Advocacy & Resource Center (PARC) at Brandeis University has released an “Oppressive Language List” on its website that encourages the school community to cease using the term “policeman.”

“Police Officer” is the university’s preferred term and appears under a set of “Possible Alternatives” for language that PARC deems to be “violent,” “identity-based,” “person-first,” “culturally appropriative,” or that “doesn’t say what we mean.”

PARC designates “killing it” and “trigger warning” as “violent language” due to their “connections to guns for many people.” The university office also includes “picnic” in the same section, alleging that the word is historically associated with lynchings.

Reuters has previously reported on the word “picnic” and found that it “does not originate from racist lynchings.”

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