Semper Fi? The Leftist Mob Is Out For Blood With The NY Marine Who Put Violent Homeless Man In Chokehold – Apparently, The U.S. Marines Have Also Jumped In

The U.S. Marines apparently outed one of its own in violation of its own motto

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From the Daily Mail article:

(Here’s the story from earlier this week if you missed it.)

The motto of the US Marines, “Semper Fi,” literally means “always faithful.”

Did they just betray one of their own and throw him to the mob??



The media is running with the name now because they need someone to crucify for Operation Saint George Floyd 2.0 and the Marines, like Pontius Pilate, have washed their hands of Penny.


Even if the Marines were not the first to identify Penny, the proper response to a question like that is something like, “We are aware of the situation that happened this week in New York involving a Marine veteran. We would refer you to local authorities for all questions at this time.”

Instead, they confirmed his name? Why would they do that during an official investigation unless necessary? If a shooter is a leftist, after all, it sometimes takes days to learn their skin color, let alone read their manifesto!!

Make no mistake: The mob is coming for Penny’s blood, as well as his family.


It’s gonna take a lot of people pushing back against the race-obsessed woke narrative that wants this man’s blood to make sure justice prevails. I was not there, you were not there, and none of these woke activists calling Penny a murderer were there.

These leaks of info to the media is the new way the justice system is pressured into doing what certain people want. Leaks encourage mob violence, which threaten judges (see the Dobbs leak last summer) and others with pain and death if they don’t give in.

We have to push back against this evil. The justice system must remain blind and objective to judge a case like this impartially. If it cannot, then it cannot be trusted. If it merely capitulates to the mob, then every man must take justice into his own hands. Heaven help us if that’s the way we’re going to try to live together in a country.

Here’s a statement released by Penny’s lawyers ahead of the grand jury proceedings to determine if charges should be brought next week:

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