Survey: American’s Have Worlds Lowest Trust In Their Own Media

CNN's Don Lemon -Credit: J. Countess/Getty Images


Fewer than one out of every three Americans trusts the news media to report the facts, and conservatives have a lower level of trust than any other group in America, a global survey has found.

As a whole, the survey reveals that Americans have a 15% trust gap — reflecting a lower level of trust in the media than in any of the other 45 nations surveyed.

In all, nearly as many Americans strongly disagree that they trust the media (23%) than trust the media (29%). A total of 44% of U.S. citizens surveyed do not trust news outlets to report the facts.

The report also evaluated Americans based on political ideology and found that only Americans whose political views fall on the Left say the media portray them fairly: 51% of self-identifying liberals say the media reflect their views correctly, while 34% disagree. Fewer than one-third of centrists and one-fifth of conservatives agree. Self-identified conservatives have a 59 percentage point gap: 16% say the media portray conservatives accurately, while 75% disagree.

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