Treasonous!! Biden Set To Hand Iran $1 Trillion Allowing Them To Continue Funding Terrorism Around The World

Biden is doing everything in his power to harm American while elevating its enemies

Timothy A. Clary/AFP via Getty Images

(DailyWire) President Biden, like his predecessor former President Barack Obama, is eager to placate the leading state sponsor of terrorism on the planet, and this time the despotic Iranian regime will get $1 trillion by the year 2030 if the nuclear deal Biden is pursuing goes through.

A report by Saeed Ghasseminejad of The Foundation for Defense of Democracies projects the deal would ensure the Iran regime $275 billion in financial benefits during its first year and $1 trillion by 2030.


Former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett noted, “This agreement will send approximately a quarter of a trillion dollars to the Iranian terror administration’s pocket and to its regional proxies and will enable Iran to develop, install and operate centrifuges, with almost no restrictions, in a mere two years.”






After a Biden administration official reportedly claimed of the Iranian regime, “They came back last week and basically dropped the main hang-ups to a deal,” FDD Ceo Mark Dubowitz fired, “Iran won most of demands. US agreed: To severely weak IRGC economic sanctions. To let IAEA investigation run separately so Grossi forced to issue inconclusive report. Files will be quietly closed. To pay $11B for US hostages before deal implementation.”



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