Trump Kicks Of Campaign With New Hampshire Speech: ‘I’m More Angry Now And I’m More Committed Now Than I Ever Was’

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(PM.) On Saturday, former President Donald Trump kicked off his campaign in New Hampshire and gave a speech in which he said he was “more angry” and “more committed” than he ever was.

“They said ‘he’s not doing rallies, he’s not campaigning, maybe he’s lost that step’—I’m more angry now and I’m more committed now than I ever was,” Trump said.

New Hampshire has been the first state in the union to cast its primary votes for presidents for both parties since 1920.


“We’re going to beat Joe Biden and the radical Democrats,” Trump said in the speech. “These are radical left people. I think in many cases they’re Marxists and communists.”

Trump then promised “to turn New Hampshire red on November 5, 2024.”

“Under Biden, our nation’s being destroyed by a selfish, radical and corrupt political establishment. That’s what it is. Nobody even knows why. Why are they doing why are they doing these things?” Trump asked.

The country under Joe Biden’s leadership has faced consistent record high inflation,unprecedented supply chain shortages, and citizens laden with record breaking debt.When President Joe Biden took office he dramatically loosened restrictions along the southern border which created a humanitarian crisis that has seen a record-high number of illegal immigrants pouring into the United States month after month.

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