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Uncovered!! Leftist Extremists Disguised Themselves As Pro-Trump Reporters At Jan. 6 Protests, Worked With Democrat Outlets

The activists further allegedly gave tips to the FBI to how to infiltrate Trump rallies

Credit: National File


A bombshell report from independent journalist L has confirmed that leftist activists infiltrated the Capitol Hill protests on January 6th disguised as conservative reporters, with those activists allegedly giving tips to the FBI as to how to infiltrate Trump rallies.

The astounding report, from the independent journalist known as L, detailed the presence of leftist activists and so-called actors Water Masterson and Peter Scattini, during the Capitol Hill protests on January 6th. Masterson and Scattini, both “TikTok comedians,” attended the protests disguised as supporters of President Trump, with Masterson posing as a reporter for OANN and Fox News.

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