UPS Goes ‘Woke’ With It’s Delivery System, Makes It Harder For Drivers, Customers To Track Packages

UPS CEO panders to the LGBTQ community -“now when customers ask, ‘who did you give the package to?’ the details have been eliminated.”


UPS drivers discovered that their delivery software had been updated this week from a system that specified the gender of the person who accepted delivery of a package, to a generic one-size-fits all term “customer.”

Previously, the delivery system required delivery drivers to specify who they had given a package to if they handed it to a person, rather than leave it by the door or garage of a destination. The options previously included, met customer (MC) man, mc woman, mc boy, mc girl.

A driver who reported the system upgrade to The Post Millennial said, “Now when customers ask, ‘who did you give the package to,’ the details have been eliminated.”

This is especially problematic given the increase in package thefts by “porch pirates.” The changes make it more difficult to identify a potential impersonator of a homeowner who might accept a package on their behalf. The driver added, “Now everyone gets put in a set ‘customer,’ no matter the age or gender.”

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