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Video: Another Day, Another Gaffe – Biden Reads The Word ‘Pause’ From His Teleprompter During Remarks At D.C. Event

Ron Sachs/CNP/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

(Daily Wire) President Joe Biden is saying the quiet part out loud.

During remarks at an event in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday, Biden appeared to state an instruction on the teleprompter that he was not meant to read aloud.


He was talking about his vision for a second term when Biden said, “Imagine what we can do next. Four more years. Pause.”

Biden looked as if he was squinting at the teleprompter before flashing a smile as people in the audience broke into a chant of “Four more years!”

The apparent flub did not go unnoticed, as it was shared on X by a Republican National Committee (RNC) account, gathering more than 1.6 million views as of press time.

Among those to mock Biden was Richard Grenell, who served as a U.S. ambassador and acting director of national intelligence during the Trump administration.

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