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Qualified? United Airlines Posts Video Boasting Of An ‘ALL LGBTQ’ Crew Showing That Equity Is More Important Than Passengers Safety

Equity over safety is a deadly message

The Post Millennial

(PM.) On Tuesday, United Airlines posted a video to Twitter showcasing one of their planes being outfitted with rainbow graphics in honor of their “Pride in partnership” with Virgin Australia.


The flight, which saw an “all-LGBTQ+ crew” fly from San Francisco to Sydney, was blasted by Twitter users, with many questioning what a crew member’s sexual orientation or gender identity has to do with arriving safely at their destination.


“…I just want to know what someone’s sexual preference has to do with getting to my destination safely and on time?” wrote one Twitter user.

“At what point in the hiring process is this information requested by United?” another asked.

“I’ll pass, I want a pilot that was hired for flight qualifications, not because of a group he/she/it belongs to,” another user added.

“Because what I want in an airline — even above it confirming the pilots are competent, experienced, and customer-focused — is knowing that the airline has confirmed the entire flight crew has atypical sexual preferences.”

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