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Video: Barstool’s Dave Portnoy And Podcaster Dan Bongino Get In EPIC Profanity-Laced Fight Over Roe v. Wade Decision

Portnoy rehashes his ‘liberal’ views


(BPR) Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy and podcast host Dan Bongino broke out in an online catfight after the former posted his hot take response to Roe v Wade being overturned by the Supreme Court on Friday.

3eThe two reportedly have shared a decade-long friendship that may have been flushed down the toilet in less than a handful of tweets in response to the high court’s 5-4 decision on Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which gave power over abortions back to the people.


“To me this is just pure insanity, pure insanity,” Portnoy said in his “emergency” press conference posted to Twitter on Friday where he claimed, “we are literally going backwards in time.”

Bongino called the sports media company president out on Twitter for his rambling response to the ruling.


“Horrifyingly uninformed and ridiculous take. Embarrassed you would put this out there,” Bongino wrote as you could almost see him shaking his head in disgust.

Portnoy pounced back in the online exchange with a Kingpin GIF.

Bongino launched back a string of insults starting by calling him a “grifter p#%^*y” and a “tool.”


Caution: Adult language

“This was to be expected but I still get a kick out of people who have sucked my dick for a decade straight, invited me on their shows a million times and now disagree with me on RoeVsWade and suddenly Im a pussy and idiot,” Portnoy shot back, including a soundbite of Bongino previously praising him along with a video montage of the social media exchange.

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