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Video: Left-Wing Social Justice Warrior And Mother Of Two Stops ‘Transitioning’ Her Sons After Coming To Realization That Transgender Ideology Is A Cult

LGBTQ organizations are out to brainwash and groom people into their cultish beliefs

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(LifeSite) A self-described “social justice warrior” mother of two boys said she stopped affirming the alleged “transgender” identities of her sons after she realized that transgender ideology is a “cult.”

The former progressive “true believer,” who co-parents her sons with another woman, said the boys are now thriving after she realized she needed to raise them according to their true, biological identities.


The anonymous mother, identified only as “Rose,” made the statements in a February 6 follow-up to an August 2022 piece entitled “True Believer,” both of which were published on the Substack Parents with Inconvenient Truths about Trans (PITT).

In her original essay, Rose said she had dived deep into progressive ideology, describing herself as “a social justice organizer and facilitator before social justice overtook the world.”

She “came out as a lesbian, and identified as queer,” then “entered a committed relationship with my spouse,” another woman. Together, they had two sons.

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“We raised both our sons as gender neutral as possible, with gender neutral clothes, toys, and language,” Rose wrote. “While we did use he/him pronouns and others in their life called them boys, we did not call them boys, or even tell them that they were boys. We made all language gender neutral.”

According to the Substack piece, the oldest boy began to ask whether he was a boy or girl when he was about four years old. His mother said she told him the decision was up to him, a response she said “would come back to haunt me for years, and continues to haunt me now.”

“What I know now is that I was ‘leading’ — I was leading my innocent, sensitive child down a path of lies that were a direct on-ramp to psychological damage and lifelong irreversible medical intervention. All in the name of love, acceptance, and liberation,” Rose said in the February 6 follow-up entitled “Return to Reality,” published after an interview on YouTube channel Triggernometry.

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