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Video: NYC Just Put Out PSA On Surviving A Nuclear Attack. Is Armageddon Near?

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(Not The Bee) Fallout: New York City Edition



Yes, this is a real PSA that dropped this week.

Some peeps were like, “Don’t you know we’re at war with Russia??”

No, no we’re not. Ukraine is at war with Russia. Our politicians are just using Ukraine to launder billions of dollars for weapons that keep making their way to the black market.

The Kremlin has pointed out that it could obliterate Western cities, yes. But if you think we’re closer to nuclear war than the Cold War, you need to do some reading.

So why is NYC running this ad?

From the NY Post:


That’s totally reassuring!!

Amazingly-bad-at-his-job Mayor Eric Adams defended the ad:


Dude, the advice isn’t even good! If NYC gets hit and you’re there, you should probably just head outside with some sunglasses and enjoy the brief-but-dazzling view. You don’t “got this”!

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