Video: New Yorkers Explode At Democrats Over Illegal Immigrant Influx

AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

(PJ Media) Tempers flared, middle fingers flew, and people were jostled aggressively in New York City today. No, it wasn’t a morning rush-hour subway ride; it was New York Democrats staging a press event at the illegal immigrant intake center at the iconic Roosevelt Hotel.

Jerry “Nadless” Nadler, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and various city Democrats got more than a Bronx Cheer when they spoke in favor of the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants dragging the city into a financial disaster, as the global Marxists have long planned.


Eric Adams was not-so-suspiciously absent.

Check out the Democrat apparatchik to AOC’s left as he dutifully mentions “klymatt chainje” as a reason to welcome the tsunami of illegal immigrants, a majority of whom are single, military-age men.

If you prefer your protests a little more violent, watch the man in a suit forcefully remove a protestor here. Check out the middle fingers in the back. Mad bomb shouts to the woman in the FJB hat, a cap which at one time, a mere year ago, could have gotten her punched by a pink-haired sally-boi when worn in New York City.

“Close the border, close the border. Respect the constitution, AOC. I am your constituent,” is one of the nicer heckles you’ll hear. Here is another colorful fusillade of New York opinion:


Today, even NYC Mayor Eric Adams knows the crush of illegal immigrants is destroying the city he leads.

Don’t be fooled. None of this is an accident. This was all planned out by pinko miscreants in the WEF and at the United Nations, just to name a few.

Check out the UN’s “Agenda 2030” plan to “transform our world for sustainable development.” I count roughly 25 mentions of “klymatt chainje,” which is the vehicle they will use to change our world and enslave us. Remember, tyranny always arrives masquerading as virtue.

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